Reminders Daily on Your Smart Phone Should Be Set to Change Your Mindset

People have had both good and bad opinions of technology. Some say technology is making us less social. On the other side of things, medical and other types of technology has really brought us to an age where we can make lives easier than ever before. I’ve personally started to use the tool in my pocket to set daily reminders to have good self esteem.

Our smart phones have many uses other than being a phone. They are cameras, computers, weathermen, music players, and appointment setters. I’m not going to say I’m the first person to do this because I’ve definitely heard others talk about setting reminders before.

How Reminders Work

I have used my phone on the hour every hour for 6 am till 7 pm to give me great motivations and remind myself why I am working so hard. As the day goes on I remind myself I’m a good person and end the day with “You’re a fucking badass.”

I have put little reminders on random times to “be humble” and “eat healthier.” We are not generally complimented by the people we come across daily. In fact, we are probably given contradictory information. This can be especially true if you work with customers.

Am I the only one that is reminded of my screw ups by my boss daily? Is there a coworker that makes you feel inferior? Maybe you can set reminders like “You’re good at your job,” or “You are doing this because of your child.”

I feel the more you remind yourself the more you’re going to believe it. So maybe it’s a good idea to remind yourself even if you don’t believe it. Those automatic thoughts in your brain might be bringing you down throughout the day. You are at war with yourself and with life. It’s time to strategize and win that war.

You Don’t Have To Hide Anymore!

When is it Effective?

Imagine you made a new years resolution to get in shape. The only time you have to workout is 5 am. Your alarm on your phone and a reminder goes off. You look at your and see “Get up and work!” or “You need this to lower you cholesterol.”

Reminders bring a really big boost to your day. Maybe you screw something up and get tired of your job so all you can think about is telling off your boss. All of a sudden this pops up: “Be Humble.” Bam, your mindset just changed with the blink of an eye.

After lunch you feel stressed out and tired. So much is flying at you. There are phones ringing and co workers are getting irritated at each other. All of a sudden a reminder pops up to say “Take a deep breath.”

This is such a small concept with huge results. It is something you can do as many times as you need per day. Remind yourself every 15 minutes if you want. Really, the only tough part is getting started. Right now, pick up your smart phone and put in at least one daily reminder. That one reminder will make a big impact on your day.

Just Another Day At Work!


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